Make mud mean more in seven days
Than you ever thought possible
Start simple
Take the idea of a universe
Not going anywhere until
Everything is in its place, just so
Stand very still, everywhere all at once
Work out your mysterious ways
Get into the details
Don't forget making room for 'the ambiguous'
Writing '…amphibious' by mistake
Will get things going.




Six days in the making
Beware of what you want in the beginning
You might get it in the end
On the seventh day
Sit back and pretend
Listen to what your lakes have to say
Hear how your mountains have been moved
Find out how your creatures fell into the mud
At the bottom of their lakes
Now exposed to the wind in mountain gullies
Waiting to be discovered.


See your apples stop falling out of trees
Because they feel like it
Learning to fall for gravity instead
Feel a bit miffed
Being left out of an equation
Be put out once too often
As we come in, once too close
To scrutinise your tadpoles
Your presence, no longer a necessary condition.




Flip. Go nowhere all the time
Take nothing much more physical
Than a deep inner delight
No belly-laughs, only joy
As for the original idea
It never was quite cosmologically correct
Your first crack at Creation
Became a bit of an old bird's nest.




Try to claim the stars as really neat
More reliable than mountains or lakes
Relax.We've swallowed the whole bowl of tadpoles
We're coming back for more
The telling is good
The new story, even better
Evolution doesn't turn out to be
Just another fashion accessory, like telescopes
Evolution does leap-frog.



You're back again, everybody's buddy
Hip-hopping around, everywhere, all at once
This time you've got the electric
Seven days to re-write The Creation
You're working nights
Doing overtime at the weekend
With a TV, a toaster, a fridge, a computer…




It's only a matter of time.


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