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Developing images through painting into the medium of glass involves working on screen using Adobe Photoshop. As a matter of course, this is a much faster process than developing a painting to completion on canvas alone. Paintings takes up to a year to complete with two years for the very largest paintings. Digital processing of the image is necessary both for Glass and Tapestry and can quickly lead to the overproduction of print-ready images. By August of this year two glass projects for glass fabrication are now on-hold at Derix Glass studios: Tater-Dhu 2015 and In the Tracks of the Yellow Dog 2016. Several of the works in progress from 2015 are now shelved at print-ready stage as works in progress. Spiral Form and Open Country have however been fabricated this year and will be exhibited at The New Craftsman Gallery in St. Ives throughout September. Incidentally, the painting for Spiral Form from which the glass version was fabricated currently hangs in the recently renovated airport at Land’s End airfield.

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An Altar Piece for West Penwith 2017,
 1268mm x 813mm , Altarpiece of three hinged stained glass laminated panels

Spiral Form
Fourth glass, self-commissioned
Fabricated at Derix Studios Spring 2016

Open Country
Fifth glass, self-commissioned
Fabricated Derix Studios Spring 2016 



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